27V Portfolio – 101Edu

101Edu built a student engagement platform to support active learning in universities. Their first product, Chem101, has been deployed in over 220 campuses. The tools that college students use to learn math and science haven’t fundamentally changed in 100 years. Today, students have a myriad of textbooks, online homework, and response clickers, which mostly rely on static content and generic multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank problems. Instead, 101 delivers uniquely tailored, touch-based tools that create new ways for students to visualize and experience abstract math and science topics.

The Founders, Justin and Igor, met during their undergraduate studies and joined up some years later when they decided that there had to be a better way to keep students engaged in class. A lot of the foundational thesis for the product was also based on Justin’s own expereinces as a tutor – he earned a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University (!). The company’s investors include Birchmere Ventures, Dreamit Accelerator, Rough Draft Ventures and Dorm Room Fund.

If you’re curious about 101 Edu, check out Justin presenting the company on CNBC or watch this presentation from the ASU GSV Summit in 2018. You could, of course, also just, check out their website.